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Posted June 08, 2016

Even if the child is wicked or wayward, do the parents stop loving it? No! In fact if they are true parents they will love the child all the more, because that child gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their generosity and love, just as in the case of the Prodigal Son. The Parents have a chance to forgive the child, and that feeds the ego. So no matter what a child might do, its parents are always bound to love it - if they are true parents...


Posted June 10, 2016

The first step is to realize that God is the Only Power. The next thing to become aware of is that all things---no matter what they are---represent God in manifestation.

Enthrone in your mind the concept that Ma Prathyangira is the Only Presence, the Only Power, and that She is Infinitely Good and Perfect. Think of some of Supreme Mother's qualities and attributes, such as Boundless Love, Infinite Intelligence, Indescribable Beauty, Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence. Believe that Divine Mother is All life, All Love, All Truth, and All Beauty; accept It in the same way as you accept the sun in the heavens each morning; then you will find a great sense of peace and goodwill stealing over your mind and heart.


Posted June 13, 2016

One has manifested into many and still One remains as One. 

  • Para Brahmham
  • Brahmhanandha Vastu
  • Nirguna Bramham
  • Infinite

This is Sat. Sat when it aspires to manifest then the aspiration is Chit. Then it leads to release or emancipation of Shakthi from itself. That is Satchitshakthi or Parashakthi or Kamakshi who appoints or creates Vishnu, Siva, Rudra, Bramha, Shristi, Samratchanam, Sankaram, Samharam. There are so many things which are beyond human comprehension. With the help of Guru Anugraham one gets wisdom.


Posted July 06, 2015

When-ever you feel anxious, fearful, worried, say this to yourself "Supreme Mother is within me, Supreme Mother is always Good, Supreme Mother Loves Me, I'm Supreme Mother's dear Child".

You can sit down with that fearful child inside and be gentle with him or her. You might say something like this: “Dear little child, I am your adult self. I would like to tell you that we are no longer a baby, helpless and vulnerable. We have strong hands and strong feet; we can very well defend ourselves. So there is no reason why we have to continue to be fearful anymore.” 

Perhaps when you were a little child, people would sometimes take your toy away from you. You learned to cry, to try to manipulate the situation; or to smile so as to please your caretaker, to make her give back the toy. As a young child, you learned to produce a diplomatic smile. That’s one way of dealing with the problem of survival. You learn without even knowing that you’re learning. The feeling that you’re fragile, vulnerable, unable to defend yourself, the feeling that you always need someone to be with you, is always there. That original fear—and its other face, original desire—is always there. The infant, with his fear and his desire, is always alive in us.

We are very afraid of being powerless. But we have the power to look deeply at our fears, and then fear cannot control us.

Don't take refuge in People. Don't take refuge in anything outside. Take refuge in Supreme Mother, realise her presence within you. When worries and fears knock your doors, answer it with assertiveness and faith that you are taken care by Supreme Mother Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi. People, things are moved by Supreme Consciousness and Supreme Consciousness is controlled by Supreme Ma Prathyangira Devi. Relax in Divine Mother's Lap and let her control every part of your life.

Give all your mental attention to recognizing the absolute sovereignty of the Spiritual Power, knowing that the God-Power has the answer and is now showing you the way. Trust It, believe in It, and walk the earth in the Light. Your prayer is already answered.

Nothing in this transitory world lasts eternally; however, the Truths of God last forever.

With perfect faith in God's supply and in God's guidance, repeat "I'm born to succeed; the Infinite within".